“ONLINE ZAZEN IN ENGLISH” to be held on Sunday, October 8


Notice of All Japan Young Soto Zen Buddhist Priests Association-sponsored zazen meditation ” ONLINE ZAZEN IN ENGLISH”
We will hold a meditation session where Japanese monks teach in English.
Anyone can participate for free.
We will explain the basic manners in English carefully so that even beginners can easily understand.
You can experience a quiet and calm time a little away from your busy life.
We look forward to your participation.


Date and time 日時

October/8/2023[Japan time]

schedule 予定[Japan time]

time 時間 content 内容
8:45PMZoom meeting room open(Zoom ミーティングルーム開室)
9:00PMExplanation of manners(坐禅作法説明)
9:20PM zazen meditation(坐禅)
9:40PMThe end of zazen(坐禅終了)
9:50PM Closing(閉室)

Application for participation 参加申込

Please apply from the link below.

Free participation

注意事項 Precautions

URL, ID, and password of the conference room will be sent to the registered e-mail address by the day before.

〇 We ask for your understanding and patience in the case that the zazen session is interrupted or abruptly cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances such as a bad internet connection.

〇 For information and a guide to the zazen method of the Soto sect, please go to our website and watch the videos we made. https://youtu.be/ARuqZ_LGEDA

If you have any inquiries, please contact us at the email address below.