About This APP

In recent years, it was brought to our attention that there were Soto Zen Buddhist priests serving in the U.S. that were having some difficulty conducting traditional ceremonies, and specifically wanted to know more about the movements taken by the different roles during the ceremony.
Therefore, the current International Committee of Zensousei decided to take on the task of producing an application in English that provides resourceful information on Soto Zen Ceremonies.
Please note that although the English translation of the book “Observances of the Soto Zen School” was used as an important reference to complete the project, the actual movements of the priests during the ceremony may vary depending on the region that it takes place in.
To be clear, the information in this application is not the only way for the ceremony to be conducted, but just one of the ways. If you would like to, please use this information as reference when observing a ceremony.

“Offering to the Main Object” and “Ceremony of Taking Lay Precepts”

Creation group
23rd All Japan Young Soto Zen Buddhist Priests Association
Completion date
March 31, 2021 (3rd year of Reiwa Era)
Person in charge of creation
Chisho Hara (President of 23rd Zensousei)
Editor in charge
Tesshin Murakami (Chairman of International Committee)
Kodo Ohashi (Vice Chairman of International Committee)
Taiken Jinno (International Commissioner)
Shushi Honda (International Commissioner)
Eigaku Kikuchi (International Commissioner)
Koya Matsuoka (Select Commissioner)
Koshi Okubo (Select Commissioner)
Zuijyu Adachi (Select Commissioner)
English translation editorial supervision by
Rev. Daigaku Rumme (Chief Priest of Confluence Zen Center STL, Past Director of the Soto Zen Buddhism North America Office)
Rev. Kenji Oyama (Vice-Chief Priest of Seiryuji Yamagata, Japan, Former International Minister)
Rev. Jiko Nakade (Chief Priest of Daifukuji Soto Mission Kona, Hawaii)
App creation / editing