【Androidアプリ「SOTO ZEN ceremonies(英語版法要公務帳)」公開のご案内】




(“SOTO ZEN ceremonies” is now accessible on the Android application.

Recently, we heard that there were Soto Zen Buddhist priests serving overseas that were experiencing some difficulty with the movements of the different roles during ceremonies. Therefore, the current International Committee of Zensousei decided to translate Zensousei’s official application into English.

For the first round, we have made recordings of the “Offering to the Main Object”(Honzon Jogu ) and the “Ceremony of Taking Lay Precepts”(Tokudoshiki).

Everything has been translated into English. The application includes the sajyo -ceremony program, a description of each haiyaku – the different roles of each ceremony, and a glossary for the specialized vocabulary used in the ceremony.

In addition, you can watch videos that are only available on this app, which makes it easier to understand how the priests move during the ceremony.
Please use this app by all means.)